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2020 RPP User Group Schedule & Itinerary

Session One: REALTOR® Party Plus Advocacy - This is How We Do It!
- Tuesday August 4th 1-3 PM ET


Both current and prospective REALTOR® Party Plus clients are invited.


Segment One: Panel on Emergency Advocacy Using NAR Advocacy Everywhere and REALTOR® Party Plus (40 minutes)


  • CO - Emergency Advocacy Case Study on Tax Issue - Liz Peetz

  • MD - Emergency Advocacy on Tax Issue - Bill Castelli

  • MI - Emergency Advocacy Case Studies on STR and Essential Services - Brad Ward and Brian Westrin

  • NJ – Emergency Advocacy on Seasonal Rentals, etc. - Doug Tomson

  • RI – Emergency Advocacy on Conveyance Tax and Homestead Exemption - David Salvatore


Segment Two: Interesting Advocacy Project Lightning Round (50 minutes)


  • UT - Using Election Data and Walking Lists for state and local candidates; Use of Key Contact Program - Cate Klundt

  • WI - State and Local Workforce Housing Efforts - Tom Larson and Local GADs

  • WA - Variety of Projects - One Stop Shop approach; PAC website; IEs; Workforce Housing CAOP; Recover WA; RPAC models and committee; EV Dashboard Strategic Decisions; LD 16 polling - Nathan Gorton

  • NY - Approaching statewide issues like rent control through cities where it’s the most urgent - Mike Kelly

  • MN - Long-term strategic planning for Housing Affordability utilizing research and working with coalition partners - Matthew Spellman

  • AL - State Health Insurance Portal Member Outreach Project - Bradshaw Tyson

  • TX - IE Partnership and Insights on 2020 IE work - Elizabeth


Segment Three: Polling and Modeling with the American Strategies Polling Team (30 minutes)


  • NJ - Consumer Dash - Doug Tomson

  • CO - Member Satisfaction scorecard - Lisa Hansmeier

  • Joe Goode on Other Member Surveys/Focus Groups of Interest

  • SMS use in Polling

  • New YIMBY/NIMBY model


Optional After-Session Office Hour (60 minutes)


Session Two: Show Me the Shiny New Toys!
- Wednesday August 5th 1-3 PM ET


For Current REALTOR® Party Plus clients.


Segment One: Introducing the DASH Client Portal and the New Membership Dashboard (45 minutes)


  • Overview of DASH – Tim Nelson, Nathaniel Schwamm, and Alex Ferguson

  • WA - Membership Dashboard - Steve Francks, Mary Hull-Drury, and Nathaniel Schwamm

  • OR - Using Dashboard, Key Contact Programs, RPAC models and lists, etc. - Taylor Shanaman

  • OR Dashboard CE concept covered by Nathaniel Schwamm


Segment Two: New Product Alert - Campaigns Dashboard (30 minutes)


  • New Campaigns Dashboard - Nathaniel Schwamm, Alex Ferguson, and Phil Creglow

  • District Competitiveness Analysis - Nathaniel Schwamm and Justin Allen

  • *IL - Alex Finke from Illinois about utilizing the data and dashboards for the IE planning process, developing targets with the data.


Segment Three: New Trends in Data and Elections (30 minutes)


  • Early Voting Dashboard and upcoming EV VBM data collection

  • VBM education and engagement campaign concept

  • SMS use in campaigns

  • Digital Advertising Best Practices

  • New Data enhancements such as cell phones, new models, etc. 

  • New Tools/Services as part of Digital Toolkits (Video montages, Circle of Influence, etc.)


Segment Four: Social Listening, Reporting, and Amplification (15 minutes)

  • Latest in Social Listening, Reporting, and Amplification - Coleman Bass and REAL Strategies’ Digital Team


Optional After-Session Office Hour (60 minutes)


Session Three: What is REALTOR® Party Plus Anyway?
- Thursday August 6th 1-3 PM ET

For New and Prospective REALTOR® Party Plus clients.


Segment One: REALTOR® Party Plus and Data 101 (25 minutes)


  • Welcome! (5 minutes)

  • REALTOR® Party Plus 101 by Tim Nelson (10 minutes)

  • Data 101 by Tim Nelson including RPAC Models, Activist Models, and Key Contact program (10 minutes)


Segment Two: Product Showcase - Digital Tools (60 minutes)


  • Dash/Membership 2.0 Demo with intro by Steve Francks, then Mary Hull-Drury and Nathaniel Schwamm doing a demo including use-case examples on RPAC fundraising, Call for Action targeting, RPMA recruitment, key contact recruitment, and using demographics data for classes or events (40 minutes)

  • Campaigns Dashboard demo – Demo by Nathaniel Schwamm and Christine Berger (15 minutes)

  • A word on custom dashboards (5 minutes)


Segment Three: Campaign Services Showcase (35 minutes)


  • Overview of new tools for advocacy campaigns and IEs - (tools and digital toolkits) - Mel Jackowski (10 minutes)

  • Social media reporting; etc. - Coleman Bass (5 minutes)

  • Event Registration - Christine Berger and Kevin Reid (5 minutes)

  • Polling and FG - Joe Goode and the American Strategies Team (10 minutes)

  • Q&A and Wrap up (5 minutes)


Optional After-Session Office Hour (60 minutes)

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