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Conducting a Local Issue Advocacy Campaign on Housing Inventory & Affordability


We were approached to assist a local REALTOR association in Washington state to assist their efforts to change their local land ordinances to allow for greater housing density. Our Polling team conducted an initial benchmark survey to understand public sentiment related to housing needs, support for growth, housing preferences, etc. We partnered with the state and local association and a local consultant to put on a series of public workshops to accept public input, engage with local elected officials, and begin to formulate concrete policy recommendations.


Housing Affordability Case Study.png

After developing proposed land use ordinance language, we worked with the local association to develop a public relations campaign to educate and engage consumers to understand the need for additional housing options and inventory and to ask them to reach out to elected officials to express their support to passing the new ordinance.


The campaign included a website with a petition collection feature to collect names of supportive consumers. Direct mail and newspapers ads were used to engage voters to contact elected officials with support. An email solicitation campaign was also employed to facilitate supportive consumers to email their elected officials directly.


The local municipality passed the new land use ordinance with less public opposition than they expected. The relationship between the local government and the REALTOR® trade association was strengthened. The membership felt empowered and positive about their successful efforts to improve the housing regulatory climate in their community.

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