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New Upgraded REALTOR® Party Plus Membership Dashboard 3.0 Available on April 15th!

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Save the date: April 6th & 7th - REAL Strategies REALTOR® Party Plus Onboarding Sessions and Demonstrations 

Interested in joining our pre-release group for even earlier access? Sign up here!


Real Strategies provides state and local clients our REALTOR® Party Plus Membership Dashboard tool to analyze your membership across multiple data points in one location.  You can create custom audiences to gain valuable insights that can drive a wide range of membership engagement efforts. 


The REALTOR® Party Plus Membership Dashboard remains the same powerful tool to visualize and segment member data:


  • Overview: View member data, association metrics, office statistics, and join trends.

  • Demographics: Access demographic data, member party affiliation, and voter data.

  • Geographic: Explore geographic distribution heatmaps. Filter members based on legislative districts or wards

  • PAC Data: View investment totals and trends. Utilize filtering features and custom PAC investment models for recruiting small and large donors.

  • Advocacy Data: Increase and track member mobilization statistics

  • Election History: Access turnout rates, registration metrics, and vote totals.


What’s New? The new 3.0 version of the dashboard includes the following new features:

  • More data.

    • Get geographic data for the member, their office, and their registered location. More options to choose from and more dynamic visualizations!

    • With a connection into your CRM, get access to improved modules around production data, events data, custom PAC data, and more.

  • Universal filtering. See your audience in every visualization.

    • Filters now apply to every visualization. If you want to see the demographic profile of everyone who has taken at least one action, sold at least three properties in the last four months, joined at least two years ago, but has not signed up for a class, now you can!

    • Built in quick filters. You can quickly filter to member type of REALTOR® and we can create customizable quick filters for your unique use case (i.e. states can get the ability to quickly drill into a local-view of their dashboard).

    • Filter from anywhere. The filter button is moved to the sidebar so you can apply a new filter wherever you are on the dashboard.

    • Reset your filters. If you want to quickly get back to your full audience, you can. You’ll also see what percentage of your membership you are currently looking at.

  • Audience Analytics. Remember, return, and analyze audiences.

    • Save and return quickly. Whenever you have an audience selected, you can save that audience, and return to it at any point in your session. Try saving an audience on the Contacts page of the dashboard.

    • Compare and contrast. After you queue up two different audiences, you can bring them to the Analytics page and understand what makes two audiences different. If you wanted to see the differences between your RPAC investors and your non-investors, you can do that!


For more information or a dashboard demonstration contact

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