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A Community Triumph: How Santa Ana Defended Renters' Privacy Rights

Updated: May 8

A Community Triumph: How Santa Ana Defended Renters' Privacy Rights

In the diverse city of Santa Ana, California, where a significant percent of the population is Hispanic (77%) and many are renters, a concerning piece of legislation threatened the privacy of its residents.

In the fall of 2023, the city council passed a law to establish a rental registry that would require property owners to disclose highly personal tenant information. This legislative move sparked widespread concern among the community, fearing an excessive invasion of privacy and potential data misuse.

Understanding the Challenge

The challenge was twofold: not only did the city's renters need to be mobilized, but they also required education on the implications of the new law. There was a vital need to inform them about the city's actions and how it could directly impact their lives and privacy.

Strategic Response Through Digital Advocacy

In response, our client reached out to us to help launch a robust digital advertising campaign. The campaign aimed to highlight the adverse effects of the proposed rental registry, focusing on the crucial need to protect personal identities and uphold privacy rights for renters just as homeowners are protected.

Campaign Messaging and Focus

The campaign's primary messaging centered on the potential risks associated with the rental registry, including:

  • Excessive data collection and invasion of privacy.

  • Unclear objectives for the creation of the registry.

  • Concerns over data accuracy and data security.

  • The potential for misuse of personal information and heightened risk of identity theft.

  • The targeted digital effort was meticulously crafted to reach politically active voters who were not homeowners but who would likely be affected by the rental registry.

Victory through Advocacy

The campaign was a resounding success. The advocacy efforts culminated in a legislative victory when enough city council members were persuaded to amend the rental registry law, effectively removing the requirement to include personal tenant information. This change marked another significant win for the client and showcased the power of community mobilization and strategic digital campaigning.

This serves as a powerful example of how targeted advocacy and community education can lead to protective legislative changes, ensuring privacy rights and data protection for all residents.

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