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Empowering REALTORS


Providing tangible benefits for local and statewide political power

REALTOR® Party Plus provides state and local REALTOR® associations an expanded menu of service offerings and the option to work directly with the REALTOR® Party Plus team of political and data experts. It offers your association tangible benefits that will allow you to continue to be a major player in statewide and local politics.

Innovation & Agility

Our success lies in the ability to implement high quality solutions rapidly. We stay up to date on the latest technology and leverage best-in-class tools and data from a variety of providers to create solutions that keep our clients ahead of the game. The REALTOR® Party Plus team is positioned at the intersection of politics and data, and as a result we are at the forefront of the latest innovations in campaign technology. 

Political Campaign Expertise

In addition to our deep knowledge of REALTOR® needs, goals, and issues, we also bring cutting edge tactics and capabilities from the work we do outside of the REALTOR® Party. Our team of campaign veterans brings decades of political experience to every effort your association undertakes. 

Client-Centric Business Model

REALTOR® Party Plus associates are dedicated to our clients, helping us better understand and anticipate our clients’ needs. This allows our team to be a proactive, consultative partner, rather than simply a vendor awaiting direction. 

Membership Insights

Learning more about your membership is a key goal of any association. We offer a comprehensive collection of data elements that, when matched to your membership, your teams can use to learn more about each member. This data includes key insights such as partisan leaning, voting participation, political contributing history as well as demographic and lifestyle attributes. 

Predictive Analytics & Modeling

Our team of analysts will create a customized predictive model to assist your association in activating members or supporting your fundraising goals. Your association will collaborate with our data scientists to establish the specifics of each model to ensure it meets your needs. 

Communications & Outreach

In addition to our focus on data, the REALTOR® Party Plus program offers a full-service agency that can provide, either directly or through our close partnerships, a variety of campaign communication services, including: 

Direct Mail 


Online Advertising

Telephone Solutions



Expert Survey Research

The American Strategies, Inc (ASI) polling team has worked with many state and local associations over the years through the REALTOR® Party; however, a direct relationship between your association and ASI, through the REALTOR® Party Plus program, opens up the possibility to perform new kinds of polling that are not available through the REALTOR® Party. 

Strategic Consulting

Many of our solutions include dedicated consulting time from an experienced account representative that will work with your team to effectively utilize data and services to assist in helping to design and execute effective programs. 

Political & Consumer Data

We offer the highest-quality voter and election returns data on the market, with the most voter file updates and voting information available. We also offer a nationwide database of consumer marketing information on over 220 million consumers with hundreds of targeting data attributes including numerous predictive model scores.

Data Integration Services

Having your data locked in a silo is not a path to long-term success. The REALTOR® Party Plus program offers data integration experts who can work with your internal technical staff to design systems that will allow data to flow freely to other data systems inside and outside your association. 

Custom Software Development

Our teams have decades of experience in technology, data, web development, and software engineering, which allow us to do everything from building custom websites to creating custom integrations with other software providers.

Data Dashboards

REAL Strategies’ team has developed online, interactive targeting dashboards that include house and senate district-level election results and detailed voter targeting. As part of our direct relationship, we will also extend this data set to include your association’s member data, allowing you to target races effectively at all levels of the state. 

Consulting & Professional Services

Our team of experienced consultants can work directly with your staff to deliver a variety of political programs, campaigns, and results beyond the base hours included in REALTOR® Party Plus. Some of the services include, but are not limited to: 

Strategic Consulting

Polling analysis

Political, targeting, and outreach strategies

Political research and compilation of historic election results (available to the precinct level)

Message development 

Technical Support

Provide counts, metrics, and analysis using your state’s enhanced voter file

Data cleaning and segmentation

Specialized geographic and vote history research

Production of poll samples, lists, and profile reports

Campaign Services

Project management

Development and execution of campaign plans

Copywriting, creative, and script development

Website development 

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