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Maximize Your Impact

Software & Technology

Our teams have decades of experience in technology, data, web development, and software engineering, which allow us to do everything from building custom websites to creating custom integrations with other software providers.

Targeting Dashboard

REAL Strategies’ team has developed an online, interactive targeting dashboard that includes house and senate district-level election results. This valuable tool allows you to understand historic election results at a municipal level and target races effectively at all levels of the state.

Voter Dashboard

REAL Strategies also offers a voter dashboard fully loaded with current voter data.  This allows organizations to target their campaigns at any political level for their GOTV and other campaign programs.

Custom Software Development

REAL Strategies works closely with programmers who can build stand-alone or integrated applications that utilize your data.  This can provide a valuable resource to organizations with limited technical resources and a need to take advantage of their data assets.  Our teams specialize in creating software solutions for streamlined data access, comprehensive reporting and advanced integrations with other software vendors and systems.

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