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At REAL Strategies we pride ourselves on our unique approach to digital marketing. We’ve combined industry expertise with cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to develop a signature approach to running effective digital ad campaigns, which we’ve been using to successfully drive electoral and issue advocacy outcomes for years. We offer a full menu of services and offerings, and we guide the campaign process from beginning to end from gathering insights and developing a campaign plan all the way to delivering the digital ads and Getting-Out-The-Vote.


I. Insights & Content Creation


Identify your target audience and understand what they want and need to hear.


  • Research & Polling: our team has decades of experience conducting election and opinion polls and focus groups and using our findings to inform outreach campaigns. Our team is constantly expanding on a wealth of knowledge and insights from the thousands of polls our team has done over the years. On top of that, we can use custom polls to both guide initial ad campaign decisions and build custom lookalike models that can be used to directly identify ad targets.

  • Policies & Deadlines: we have a nationwide compilation of state-specific policies and deadlines. We know every registration deadline, every vote-by-mail deadline, and all of the state-specific election laws. As a certified political ad provider on Facebook, we’re also well aware of all the platform’s relevant policies and deadlines relating to political ad campaigns. We factor in this full set of policy and deadline knowledge into every digital ad campaign we undertake.

  • Social Listening & Custom Reports: REAL Strategies offers state-of-the-art social listening capabilities. We can monitor conversations from a particular audience, we can track keywords and hashtags, and we can monitor and report on the trends of particular accounts. This allows us to provide initial campaign guidance and provide benchmark reporting on what people are talking about and what is trending. We also offer custom and standard reporting capabilities to constantly track your campaign’s performance.

  • Messaging & Creative Development: as a full-service agency, REAL Strategies seeks to be a one-stop-shop for your entire digital ad campaign needs. After determining the campaign strategy and identifying key target segments, we then craft custom messaging and creative content to appeal specifically to each of your audience segments.


II. Targeting & Matching:


Define your target audience and determine how and where to reach them.


  • Comprehensive Data: REAL Strategies provides access to the largest, most-up-to-date voter file in the country, the entire NRDS member database, industry-leading consumer data, and election data dating back to 2008 (including current-year early vote and vote-by-mail election returns in most states). All of this data can be used to create custom, highly targeted lists that are matched and uploaded directly to your desired ad platform.

  • Predictive Models: we’ve created dozens of predictive models that accurately predict an individual’s likelihood to do or support something in particular. We've used these models to generate probabilistic scores, which we’ve applied to our entire 262-million record database. For context: our newest release of models can help you predict turnout likelihood under pandemic voting conditions, help you prioritize your campaign targets who are most likely to receive digital advertisements, and understand and appeal to your audience’s likely voting method.

  • Advanced Matching: we boast industry-leading digital ad audience match rates. We’ve performed 1:1 record matches to Facebook and the largest programmatic DSPs to ensure that we have the highest match rate possible across all digital ad platforms. We also utilize premier data tools that are capable of matching custom one-off files (such as a virtual conference attendance list) to provide incredibly high match rates back to our database and subsequently the ad platform of your choice. These match rates in combination with our expansive database ensure that we can deliver more ads to more of your targets than any other agency.

  • Cascade Targeting:  REAL Strategies can provide direct access to all of the matched records from our 262-million record marketing database through the ad platform of your choice. This massive amount of data allows us to take a cascading, tiered approach to our ad targeting across all platforms. We have the ability to identify a diverse array of ad audience segments that we can prioritize in tiers. This allows us to identify and deliver ads to your top targets, but it also gives our campaigns flexibility when navigating the ad buy bidding process. This approach allows us to identify and reach your top targets more often while also ensuring that we experience high ad placement rates.


III. Delivery & Reach


Deliver your message to your target audience where they’re most likely to engage.


  • Ad Types: REAL Strategies can create and place all types of digital ads, including: display, native, video, digital radio, and Over-The-Top (OTT) ads. These ad types encompass virtually every ad type a user could encounter on the internet on any type of device across any platform.

  • Ad Platforms: we have the ability to place ads on virtually all major digital ad platforms, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pandora, Spotify, Connected TV (e.g. Roku, Sling, etc…), and through native and banners ads on websites all across the internet.

  • Cross-Device Targeting: we’ve matched and linked device IDs back to our database at the person-level, which gives us the ability to target individual targets on all of their devices or on a particular device.

  • Geo-Fence Targeting: not only can we provide person-level targeting, but we can actually provide geographic ad targeting as well to anyone in a particular area through a process called "Geo-Fencing." This means you can deliver an ad to anyone in a neighborhood or even anyone in a particular building. For instance, you could deliver a digital ad to people in your State Capitol building just before a big committee vote.

  • AI Optimization: REAL Strategies utilizes programmatic ad buying applications that use industry-leading artificial intelligence solutions to optimize campaigns and improve ad performance. This means our campaigns can automatically generate insights on how to improve based on conversion trend analysis and machine learning.


Electoral Applications:


We apply our signature campaign approach to achieve tangible political outcomes by creating an engagement-based conversion funnel that drives particular electoral actions.


  • Voter Registration: we can identify unregistered voters and voters who need to update their voter registration and deliver ads to them that drive them to a voter registration portal or their state's appropriate forms.

  • Awareness & Persuasion: we can deliver messaging that drives candidate and issue awareness and then re-target the same people who received our ad to deliver persuasion messages.

  • Vote-by-Mail (VBM) and Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV): once we’ve engaged and persuaded our audience we can then drive them to convert on our campaign goal, which in Fall 2020 is probably voting. We can deliver ads that link to the appropriate rules and resources regarding VBM in their state, and we can deliver traditional GOTV messaging.


To learn more about what makes our digital ad campaigns different or to inquire about undertaking your own digital ad campaign, please reach out to our team at

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