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PAC Fundraising: Final Year-End Push and Preparing for 2021!

We know from personal experience that association members have high expectations when it comes to PAC fundraising. 2020 has been a tough year for PAC fundraising for many organizations, but we can help with your final year-end push as well as to prepare for 2021.


Is it that time of year when you may need a bit of help to push your PAC across the 2020 fundraising goal finish line? Or are you putting 2020 behind you and contemplating a fresh start for 2021? Either way, we have ideas and tools that can help you effectively fundraise at any time.


Here are some relevant campaign options and tools that can help you make a successful year-end PAC fundraising push or that can be used for next year:


Digital Ads: We can run hyper-targeted ad campaigns to your members, and we can even geofence your association office and deliver ads with a link to your investment site.  Furthermore, we can target non-investors directly on their mobile device using our three mobile device databases:

  • Mobile App Usage Database

  • Mobile Location Database

  • Mobile Address ID Database

Direct Mail to Non-Investors: Campaigns targeting non-investors (especially those that have a history of investing in previous years) can be highly effective. Some organizations and associations have used mail as a PAC educational tool.  2020 was a big year for advocacy. Educate your members about your advocacy efforts at all levels and the meaning and importance of your PAC.

Email Campaigns:  Associations have successfully combined direct mail educational pieces with email solicitations for an effective one-two punch.  We can help you with an email to the same targets as your mail campaign.

PAC Fundraising Prospecting Lists: Using our predictive models, our team can help you build the perfect target list for your PAC fundraising effort. Whether you are looking for $15 investments for participation or for new major investors, our modeling helps you identify members who are likely PAC investors as well as those who might be likely to be major investors. We then use our PAC models to conduct peer-to-peer phone bank fundraising. Some of our REALTOR® clients recently reported a high level of success using these models at our REALTOR® Party Plus User Group meetings in August.

Synchronized PAC Fundraising and Dues Billing Campaigns: For REALTOR® Associations, we know that the dues billing cycle is the best opportunity for PAC participation fundraising. Many savvy associations conduct PAC awareness and solicitation campaigns in the build up to the Dues Billing deadline to encourage as many people to invest with their dues as possible.

To brainstorm, ask questions, see our PAC fundraising case studies, or to simply get started, please contact us at

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