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Understand the Numbers

Data & Analytics

Data is key to all successful campaigns. REAL Strategies offers the best political data and analytics services available on the market.

Voter Data

We offer the highest-quality voter data on the market, with the most voter file updates and voting information available. This data contains the contact and voting information of over 191 million voters, and 58 million unregistered, voting age consumers. Thousands of campaigns each year rely on the unparalleled accuracy of this data to power their fundraising, research, and voter contact programs.

Consumer Data

REAL Strategies offers a nationwide database of consumer marketing information on over 220 million consumers with hundreds of targeting data attributes. This accurate and actionable data empowers clients to strategically target voters and consumers during political and direct marketing campaigns.

Predictive Models

We can create issue support and consumer models predicting the level of support voters would have for an issue and whether they would take an action. We also use models to find prospective consumers for our clients to target with communications. We also provide clients access to our national partisan and turnout models for project use. These models allow clients to target resources and efforts to the precise political constituencies that make sense for persuasion outreach campaigns, mobilization campaigns, or public relations. 

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