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Increasing Member Voter Registration Numbers and Assisting Local Associations in Meeting a 'Vote' Core Standards Requirement


In order to increase the number of members eligible to vote in important upcoming elections, a voter registration program was instituted as part of a comprehensive election strategy. Conducting a voter registration drive also qualifies as a “Vote” initiative under the National Association of REALTORS’® (NAR) Advocacy Section of their Core Standards program. Therefore, our client partnered with local associations to ensure they received the Core Standards credit. This partnership also served to help accomplish our client’s goal of increasing member/voter participation.



Leveraging REAL Strategies’ REALTOR® Party Plus Membership Dashboard and Database



With their own, personalized RPP Membership Dashboard, our client was able to filter and download data on non-registered members in only a few clicks. The data available to them included the names, email, local association name and NRDS numbers, just to name a few, of targeted non-registered members. Our client delivered the Excel file of non-registered members in their state, sorted by local association, to all local AEs/GADs. They also included, along with the Excel file, a draft message/email text that local staff could use to communicate with those non-registered members. The message included the following: an explanation of why the members were being contacted, a link to the secretary of state’s website allowing members to check their registration status, a link to register to vote online, and a link to find their polling place. It also included a link to our client’s website outlining the candidates they endorsed along with an election guide. To accomplish this, they simply needed to copy the email address from the Excel file and paste the text into their email.



The process of querying the dashboard and downloading the data took approximately five minutes. Drafting the communications for local associations to use and disclosing the project to the AEs/GADs took 45 minutes. After the emails were sent, the time consumed for the entire project totaled to one-hour.



Since our client was already an RPP subscriber and had access to the dashboard, the only parties involved were the State Staff and Local AEs/GADs as the beneficiaries.


  • Member registration increased by 3 percentage points

  • Members were informed of the endorsed candidates. 

  • Local associations received “Vote” initiative credit in the Advocacy section of NAR’s Core Standards program

  • A follow-up email to registered voters (and non-registered), whose information was acquired through the Dashboard and Database, was sent shortly before Election Day as a reminder to vote, along with the candidate endorsement guide.

  • Members that lived in districts where IE activities were being conducted received a customized email with information about the chosen candidate. All registration data and email addresses came from the RPP Dashboard and Database.


  • Using the Membership dashboard increased member voter registration and helped local associations obtain core standards credit in the Advocacy section of NAR’s Core Standards program.

  • Easy-to-use dashboards allowed the project to be accomplished quickly and effectively.

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